Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Learning From Bad Examples

The lecture last night from CHAZ in Seattle: "We are not here to protest peacefully. We are here to disrupt! Does anybody know what happened to the people who did not get on board with the French Revolution?”

"'CHOPPED,' the crowd answered."

Well, yes. And do you remember who finally stopped the French Revolution? His name was Napoleon. He wasn't a good guy. But he was an ambitious one, and unconstrained by what was legal before he arrived. He set out to conquer, and was defeated, and exiled, twice. The first time, he was smuggled back from exile, and he was defeated again, soundly, at the battle of Waterloo. Further details at the links.

And this, and the chaos before being caused deliberately by these people yelling these childish slogans! What idiots. To be fair, the slogans chanted by demonstrators in my memory were also stupid. No nuance. No perception of reality involved. Sometimes, at least, they rhymed. What respect are they due? None.

Just a brief glance at the reason for the burning down of Wendy's in Atlanta: "Stupid lives matter."
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