Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Exposing The Sham that is "Diversity"

Those who actually study the effect of hiring "diversity administrators" and "diversity programs" have noted something interesting: it doesn't help the minority students it was intended to help. It looks, instead, like just another plan to hire very highly paid people who, being in administration rather than teaching or production, lecture their captive audience without the need of expertise in a field of academic study (while also providing cover for universities who wish to discriminate on behalf of favored races).

A University of Buffalo professor has pointed this out:

Amid nationwide calls for more diversity initiatives at universities, one professor argues that these types of programs fail to address the real issues and ultimately harm minority students.

In a recent interview, Henry Louis Taylor Jr., professor of urban and regional planning at the University of Buffalo, said the focus on “inclusion and diversity” on college campuses has been an excuse to avoid any actual confrontation of race issues. Taylor says that the primary issue of the century is race, and argues that society needs to bring more attention to how different organizations handle issues of race and racism.

Now. while I disagree that race is a defining issue for the country, since I attribute most of the problem to class issues, not race issues, I agree with him on the fact that "diversity" programs are a waste of money, not only for universities, but for government agencies, corporations, businesses, and religious organizations. Let's hope his research continues, and that the problem of class issues percolates upward through the soil to bloom in his teaching and publications.
Tags: class, diversity, racism

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