Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Governmental Laziness Has No Limits

And, usually, their laziness means that you have to give up things so that they don't have to go through procedures that work, but take time. Impatience with the citizens, in other words. We citizens are so inferior that we don't deserve the privacy we set up in the Fourth Amendment, so that our papers and effects would be secure from governmental search and seizure without a warrant.

They are setting up a new shortcut now. They don't worry that once encryption has a back door, the government has a history of exploiting it unlawfully. Because they are lazy. Because they are malicious. Because they want to do anything they have the power to do without being checked. Because they don't care that once you weaken encryption, others, actual criminals, find it very profitable to zoom in and steal, because they think that only lower-class people worry about theft. Because their laziness means they don't have the ability to keep things secure, they lose their tools to bad actors, and we suffer for it.

This, by the way, is one of the reasons I am suspicious of the Republican party, along with their attempts to make credit cards mandatory for all transactions in the name of "stopping illegal acts by criminals". The Democrat party has become a collection of lunatics, so they are not an alternative. Pity.
Tags: elections, encryption, government

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