Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

The Meme That Will Not Die: "Tolerant" Liberals

Liberals have a claim on one adjective: Tolerant. They don't deserve to be allowed to use it about themselves. Over the last couple of decades, they have extensively proven that they are intolerant, both of people who don't simply say, "Yes, sir" when presented with the "correct" attitude, and those whose class is lower than their own. The only people who wear blackface are liberals, because they think it's funny. The ones who harass Senator Tim Scott, who is black, feel free to vent all the bile they can think of.

Sophisticated throwbacks will quote failed professor Herbert Marcuse, whose gymnastics on the subject of tolerance were legendary. He wanted to think he was tolerant, without actually having to tolerate other opinions or attitudes.

This is the same bunch that complains about "oppression" today on college campuses: but they point the wrong way. They are oppressed by their professors, who coddle them rather than educating them. They are not taught to defend their opinions, but instead taught to complain that people don't agree with them, and to suggest that if the person hearing them was respectful, they would not criticize the manifestly incoherent premises, but instead criticize themselves as listeners. The resulting purely emotional rants can be accidentally funny.

"Tolerant Liberals" is an oxymoron. Prove me wrong.
Tags: liberalism, marcuse, sjw, tolerance

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