Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

The Left Does Not Care About Elections

Don Surber explains why the Left doesn't have to worry about elections the way the Right does:

Quoting a study that suggested violent protest was unsuccessful: "Counties proximate to nonviolent protests saw presidential Democratic vote share among whites increase 1.3%-1.6%. Protester-initiated violence, by contrast, helped move news agendas, frames, elite discourse and public concern toward social control. In 1968, using rainfall as an instrument, I find violent protests likely caused a 1.6%-7.9% shift among whites towards Republicans and tipped the election. Elites may dominate political communication but hold no monopoly."

Surber then followed up with: Obviously, losing elections does not bother liberals because they can go around the will of the people through the courts (abortion and gay marriage) and by executive order (amnesty and DACA). Every now and then they pass a law (Obamacare) but they really prefer Supreme Court decisions because they are irreversible.

And you thought the "Supreme Court" argument for Trump was fluffery. Nope. That's the only way we can fight back against the predominantly upper-class judiciary and legal professions.
Tags: class, elections, executive orders, supreme court, surber

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