Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

A Perfect Illustration of Liberalism at Work

Harvard, in it wokeness, wanted to prohibit undergraduates from joining men's clubs and women's clubs, because those clubs discriminated on the basis of sex. This included fraternities and sororities, as well as clubs that functioned as supplements to university meal plans.

Result? Women's organizations on campus were destroyed, and men's were under ongoing pressure.

Harvard, however, has alumni who don't take well to being told that their undergradudate organizations are being tossed, and sued. The thing about having well-financed teams of lawyers is that they can be aggressive while representing their clients, and win.

Quoting the last article at length:

A policy “adopted to counteract discrimination based on sex, is itself an instance of discrimination based on sex.” How ironic that is, and how typical of the riot of conceits that liberalism engenders. They will find a way to end fraternities and sororities and destroy every other traditional institution because that’s what they do; attack and destroy.

They won’t be satisfied — ever.

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