Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Book Recommendation: The Tuning Fork, by Bill MacGregor, Faithful Life Printers & Publishers

Faithful Life Printers & Publishers, North Fort Myers, Florida, may be hard to contact. I understand it's also available from this website.. If you can't find it there, search engines are your friend.

Isaiah is second only to Psalm 119 to "least read book", and for much the same reason. It's long, and complex. This book may be hard to get, but it's worth it. It is a study of the book of Isaiah as a center point of the Bible: each chapter reflects the contents of the book of the bible, in order, from Genesis to Revelation, acting as a check: does it sound right? Do these two things fit together?

An intriguing question. And if you pick up your King James Bible, you can watch the fit sounding perfectly all the way through. Sadly, the inattention by almost all modern translators to cross-references to other books of the bible shows up big-time in this situation: the NIV, the ESV, the NKJV all sound off key when the correspondences are visible, but they miss a surprising number of them. It's another argument for using the King James Bible, rather than an "easy to read" children's version. Have you considered using an adult bible (see paragraph 1) for your reading?

If you're already using it, this is a fun, exciting study, with a lot of interesting trails leading off in other directions for later study. If you're not used to reading closely and finding gems as you read, this is good training.

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