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I used to like newspapers. But I grew up in San Diego, and my Dad subscribed to four of them: the San Diego Union, the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the San Diego Transcript. He disdained the few tabloids available. He'd be appalled by the state of the news at the moment, though the New York Times has always been in the tank for Communists, and still are.

The Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union were interesting as I grew up, and I got used to the front-row kids in the legal profession, and the English class fanatics who went into journalism (and who believed that misspelling was a cause for damnation -- they expanded that into other categories in high school). It was after 9/11 that I wanted news about New York, and found that the only paper seriously covering things was the New York Post. When I talked to my friends in New York, they filled me in: a reporter at the Post may have a desk, but unless he's typing, he doesn't belong there, but out finding out what's going on. I admit that this means they occasionally cover hilarious local matters, and seem to compete for the snappiest headline, but they're fairly accurate about what they cover. If they kept up with the rest of their industry, though, that probably changed.

Now I'm stuck with web creations like this, instead. Whatfinger at least has amusing items in it, though. Sigh.
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