Working Class, Despised Class: A Study in Synonymy

I return to an issue which some people have taken issue with me about. That is the issue of class. I continue to believe that a well-dressed white man will be better treated than a poorly dressed white man in any traffic stop.

This article is a good discussion of the intricacies of class. Let me remind you of Orwell on the subject:

It may not greatly matter if the average middle-class person is brought up to believe that the working classes are ignorant, lazy, drunken, boorish, and dishonest; it is when he is brought up to believe that they are dirty that the harm is done… And in my childhood, we were brought up to believe that they were dirty. Very early in life, you acquired the idea that there was something subtly repulsive about a working-class body; you would not get nearer to it than you could help.

Take a moment and reach for understanding.


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