American Politicians: The Guiding Flaws

It’s a discovery. Not mine. And I don’t like it.

A good politician is courageous. A good politician is transparent. A good politician has integrity. But if you look at our current leaders, every single one of them is missing at least one of those three things.

Many of them are so bought into their status as the ruling class that they fail on two of the three but continue to think that they are the great and the good, with any criticism coming from people who don’t matter, commoners. Peasants. In a country founded on the legal equality of all human beings, they don’t believe it.

I am His Excellency Arnold Williams Count of Sealand. Not a commoner. They are not the great and the good, and most of them know it. They don’t expect criticism coming from above, but they deserve it. "Noblesse oblige" is the duty of rulers, not the whim of rulers. Look at your state representatives. Look at your state government. Look for the missing virtues, and find better people to vote for, even if you have been doing a poor job up to now. Your current choices are hurting your country. America can be better than this. Everyone around the world is affected by American choices. Choose better.

You can do it.


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