Class Is More Important Than Race

In the Democratic Party, their heavy alliances with the upper-middle class and the wealthy mean that they aren't really after the working-class voter and only keep those whose residual loyalty means that they don't follow the news. However, the New York Post has been attempting to change that: check out their latest.

One reason for this is that racial polarization went down, but “education polarization” went up. The Democrats are increasingly the party of the college- and graduate-school-educated white gentry class. The Republicans are increasingly the party of the working class, which includes a lot of . . . blacks and Hispanics.

Result? Look at New York City. Adams loses Manhattan (whose votes are overwhelmingly upper-class and those who wish to be thought so). But look at what Manhattan votes for: 

Just look at the issues the Democrats are pushing: defunding the police, which hurts mostly poor and working-class neighborhoods; critical race theory, which mostly interests woke white activists (and rich-and-guilty Dem donors) but which actually sends a message of inferiority to minority youths; gender ideology, which plays less well among the more traditional and more religious working-class minorities; environmental policies that produce higher gas prices and lower employment, while pushing food prices up; open borders that drive down wages for downscale workers; and so on.

What was Adams' key insight that broke up the voting pattern in New York? 

He took advantage of some of the parents' reactions to things like this.

Adams himself put it: “This wasn’t simply a campaign, it was a five-borough movement of working-class New Yorkers coming together for a safer, stronger, healthier city."

The GOP has been known as "The Stupid Party" for a long time: mostly because they represent families and tradition, which does not immediately welcome the latest bulletin from the local university as revealed truth. But the working-class voters could do worse than take over this dinosaur and push it into the present.  Trump demonstrated that it was possible by being elected mainly as a protest vote and then proceeding to try and keep all his campaign promises, much to the dismay of the elite.


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