On Raising Children Properly

From a conversation with a librarian named Thompson in West Virginia:

1. If it's addictive, don't offer it to children.

     Obviously, this includes alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. But it also includes video games, television, game boys, and iPods, or their latest technical equivalents ( I know, the technical things pretend to have the superior educational capacity and will distract them for longer.) So instead, play games with them: card games, checkers, chess, dominos, clue, captain's mistress, tic-tac-toe, capture the square, hopscotch, four square, and all the other games with a ball of various sizes, from marbles to basketballs. Read them stories, and ask them to tell you stories, find fun or exciting poems, and read those. Sing (remember that singing is the first way we get their attention when they are small). 

2. Be aware that your children will imitate you. Think about what you are doing, because you will see it again in them. It's good to like it when you do.

3. Don't give your children things that will isolate, spoil, or corrupt them. They have to learn to deal constructively with boredom, parents, and siblings.

4. Give gifts to encourage them to explore other things. Teach them to regard gifts as a suggestion from someone that loves them of other things they can be happy about, and feel accomplished learning or doing. 


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