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The silly season strikes again. 
1st-Aug-2005 07:34 pm
This time, Brad deLong has the microphone:

I have an announcement to everyone who claimed back in 2000 that the Republican Leadership was committed to free trade. I will accept your apologies now.

You know, I DO support free trade. I've been appalled at the deviations from that stance that Bush has taken. But he's taken them to the sound of wild cheers from the Democratic party.

An apology?

You'll get it when a majority of Democrats in Congress support free trade. Face it, Brad, while the Republicans aren't perfect, they're a heck of a lot more "free trade" than your side of the house. If it's an important issue to you, you don't vote for Democrats. When you criticize Pelosi on the subject, write letters, and set up a campaign to educate her on free trade and why she should be pushing her members to support it instead of punishing those who do, I'll be really contrite, I promise.
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