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The Wall Street Journal Screws Up 
14th-Feb-2005 06:22 am
And then, of course, gets on its high horse about "the so-called 'blogosphere'".

It's this inability to understand what they're talking about (they ought to know better -- even a cursory examination of the weblogs discussing the matter would have revealed that they did not break the story, that when they finally got around to it they fluffed it, and now they're upset). It's not as though the people who write blogs are unqualified: compared to the journalists who cover the news, many of whom display startling ignorance of their subject matter, the weblogs are typically written by people whose expertise is lumnious. But that would require sitting down and reading some of them. Reading, as I have pointed out many times to friends, is not something most journalists are very good at, and it shows.

You know, guys, it is just this sort of stupidity that gets you labeled MSM. I wouldn't wear that badge too proudly: the rest of us don't think a conical dunce cap is a fashion statement.
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