Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Fantasy Life, Real Life

Not that I am unsympathetic: I have long harbored fantasies of taking sledgehammers to cars with noisy car alarms that wake my up. But actually pulling out a handgun and shooting the car in an effort to get it to stop is not a good sign.

We are supposed to separate fantasy life from real life. That is part of the uniqueness of American culture, and why it will triumph over the debased foolishness of unworkable Arab culture as time goes on. To the extent that these are not considered random kooks but leaders worth listening to, Muslim clergy who exhibit the same rich fantasy life without bothering to notice that reality is different are evidently expressing the same cultural weakness as those who follow them.

That's not how we approach reality, gentlemen. Not only that, many of us believe that God made reality and that ignoring it is ignoring God, whatever else we attempt to say about him.

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