Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Divorce and Marriage in Las Vegas

Reno made a name for itself as the divorce capital of the United States back when divorce was rarely granted by other states. Las Vegas has the same laws, but doesn't advertise so relentlessly -- and, given the change in other state's laws, it would be useless anyway. I tend to view divorce the same way I do death: I want to avoid it.

When I was first married, I needed an intensive review of George Pransky's book The Relationship Handbook as I started out. It certainly helped me focus on how to be a good husband, and put some perspective back into my life. For the optimists like me, it's fun to note that Las Vegas has a lot of wedding chapels, and therefore, must have a lot of hopeful people.

Hope doesn't work in all circumstances: quite a few people don't seem to realize that sex, like other desires, has consequences here unless properly managed. As noted by the CDC, that means an "all condom, all the time" lifestyle, or, in other words, for the majority of people who occasionally use a condom, it has no effect on their STD rate. Remember the point about learning to mold your desires into the shape required to live a moral life in the prior post? This is just another instance of the "hard town" in action: if you're sucker enough to believe in the advertising myths of free sex and free money, Las Vegas will accomodate you until you're done. But so will other towns, usually in a seedier way.

The way to enjoy Las Vegas? Interestingly enough, begin with a dialogue with yourself: What do I really enjoy? When have I been doing something so enjoyable that time flew past me without my noticing it? Who was I with? Can I get better at it?

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