Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Can Feminists Argue Coherently?

Evidently not.

A brief selection:

Below are selections from five of the more coherent critics of last week's column:

"Yes. It's defintely the influx of WOMEN into the workforce that caused this low 'real wage.' It's not:

a) the exponential increase in child births.

b) the exponential influx of immigrants (both legal and illegal)

c) the increase in the retirement age, thus putting exponential increases of people working later in life in the work force

d) the exponential growth of corporations in this country

e) drops in economy because of exponential offshoring of jobs

Jesus ... for a woman ... I just made this guy look like an idiot. I better get back in the kitchen."

This was an interesting – and all too typical – response, notable primarily for its tangential relationship to the world we currently inhabit. In response: a) American childbirths have dropped from 18.4 to 13.9 per thousand, b) 34 million women entered the labor force between 1970 and 2000, 2 million more than all legal and illegal immigration into the U.S.A. during the same period, c) fewer people are working past the age of 55 than ever before, d) more corporations would increase the demand for labor, not reduce it, e) The economy has not dropped but grown from 5.03 trillion in 1970 to 11.75 trillion in 2004 as measured in 2005 dollars.

A straightforward response: but a response to someone who has only "attitude" on her side, rather than facts. A pitiable case, really, and you'd hope it would be rarer than it is.

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