Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Henderson Art Association Exhibit

The Henderson Art Association Exhibit is in the Summerlin Library Gallery for the next few weeks. The most interesting piece is by Yoko Kondo Konopik, called "Distant Gleam". Possibly the most disturbing is Angel O'Briant's "Atomic Bomb Girl". A good example of extreme contrast is the touristy "Celebrating the Arrival of Centennial Year" and Tery Ritter's exuberant "Happy Birthday Las Vegas". It's a small display for the space, which is designed to welcome more radical attempts at portrayal. Keep an eye here.

Also in the Summerlin library is the Community Photo Competition. To my eye, two outstanding winners with similar themes: Strobeck's "Fall Faces" and Thom's "Autumn Love." Take a moment to visit and make your own choices.

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