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Key Insight for the Times 
2nd-Sep-2005 07:20 am
From The Anchoress:

[W]here has your hate taken you? Where do you think it will take the country? Assuming you still want what is best for America, do you think unrelenting hate is what she needs at this moment - that it can be the catalyst for recovery and healing in our nation?

I know of no therapy that brings about healing through hatred.

Hate tends to consume the hater, and I read some of the remarks some folks are making and think…are you so in love with your hate that you cannot let it go long enough to say “let us band together and put politics aside, for now…” because this really is not the time to drive political daggers - it is not the time to try to figure out if the traditionally Democratic leadership in this state or that contributed to a city’s unpreparedness and vulnerability. It is not the time to sit and seethe with resentment or guffaw in anticipatory glee about how “this will sink the Repugs in ‘06!”

Do you not see what is wrong with thinking this way, at this time? Do you not understand that while people are dying, or being threatened with violence, when they have lost their homes, their schools, their families, their memories, their whole pasts - then it is perhaps a time for silence, and for a bit of prayer, and for regretting where we have all fallen short, and then it is time to simply open the heart, open the heart, and try to do what you can to help? Just help, without the harangue?

But…perhaps a heart shrivelled by unrelenting hate cannot be opened. How grievous that is to contemplate.

This is not the time: perhaps, in some better world, there is never a time for hate. But in the face of all disasters, as Dostoyevsky understood so well, the burning shortage, the shortage that kills and maims and destroys is the shortage of love.
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