Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

The Little World

She stands in front of a supermarket, beside sacks of her belongings. She says not a word to those who pass by, and she holds a mirror in one hand, two inches from her face, and a tweezer in the other. Neither moves for the fifteen minutes I have before I have to go to an appointment. Her gaze is intense, her brow furrowed in concentration, her face tanned and her eyebrows do not look plucked into shape, though I am hardly an expert.

There within that mirror she has all the world she cares to deal with at the moment. It does not include where she stands, who speaks to her, or any moment but the present, and that fills all her wishes. It is not the gaze of Narcissus, as revealed by the tweezers: but given their inactivity in the face of such scrutiny, it might be related. She has no time for those who would praise her or criticize her: their speech is irrelevant, just twittering in the background.

In the face of that determination, I can't resist speaking anyway, knowing that it will be ignored like everything else: "Look up a little, dear. There are more wonders around you than you are paying attention to, and the setting sun colors the hills in warm, rose-colored glasses just for you to see."
Tags: pen portrait

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