Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Brokeback Mountain

Well, my habitual moviegoer friends have called again. One, pointing out Andrew Sullivan, says, "He doesn't know what the movie is about, just as he doesn't know what he is about." Another simply said, "A movie about a friendship that got out of control, that doesn't show the whole story." When I pressed for more, he said, "Consequences, man, consequences." I suppose that's one problem with movies based on short stories: consequences are edited by the nature of the medium. Another friend said, "You know that there was this distinction in the recent Vatican stuff: if being gay was your identity, they weren't interested. If gay sex was where you went under stress, they weren't interested. If homosexual feelings were something that you had to wrestle with, hey, everybody wrestles with some sin or other. The point of the movie's publicity was to not recognize the distinction, just as people writing about what the Pope said didn't pay attention to the distinction. It's worth a look at with that im mind." As someone not involved with the formation of priests, I'm pretty sure that's not in my movie review job description.

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