Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Overheard on the Patio

Every now and again, you realize that there are Episcopal ministers who do know something, despite the efforts of the seminaries. This was a little pontificating overheard on the patio after someone had enquired about the DaVinci Code:

"You know, I've been asked about that before. As a novel, I liked it a lot: it was fast paced, good fiction, and I like action novels. However, you've reminded me of what I wrote a couple of years ago in the parish bulletin in response to a similar enquiry -- I've got a copy of it here.

"In response to the man who wish to tell me of the latest archeological/biological/manuscript discovery which does not jibe with orthodox Christianity, I've decided to cut to the chase. Our discussion will begin with this question: 'What aspect of the Christian life is hard for you right now?' We need to discuss that, because it is the real driver for your passion behind this recondite discovery. There are a few of you who would object that it is not: I can only say that my experience with many people over the years has been otherwise. If the true issue as stated above was not dealt with, they would seize on the next discovery that had not been debunked yet (as they all are eventually) and repeat the same conclusions as if they came from that discovery. Once you know that the conclusions are not related to the discoveries, it saves time to address them directly.

That being said, let's begin with the DaVinci Code. What aspect of Christian life makes you uncomfortable right now?
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