Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Costume, and Lack of it

He was wearing a gown from the dress up bin when I walked into the room, and, after a blank look at me, he simply took off the clothes he was wearing and began to play with blocks, and set things up for another kid who was knocking them down with a block on a string. Soon after, another boy came to sit down beside him and talk, and his expression became calmer as he listened and responded to his new interlocutor.

A future sex maniac? An exhibitionist? Prey to the perverts in the making? Well, possibly. However, in this case, just a kid who wanted someone in the overcrowded daycare to pay attention to him, and who was willing to do anything to get there: the type of person dedicated to a task, and willing to experiment with anything to get results. In other words, a model employee.
Tags: pen portrait

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