Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

What Iraq is About

Every now and again, someone asks me why Iraq? What are we doing there?

I have to pause. I spent months arguing that we should go into Iraq, was dismayed that the UN got involved at all, and was pleased that we finally got there, and, as anyone who talked to me in those months knows, didn't give a fig for "weapons of mass distruction" and other silly reasons used to call for the support of the gullible and easily spooked.

I'm glad it's working out, more or less on schedule. Bush gets to take credit for the kind of stubbornness that is uniquely American: get an order for a job, and fill it, without caring about "polls" and other statistical errors people will use to argue you shouldn't. Tigerhawk updated the reasoning I and others used at the time to reflect current reality. We weren't too far off. Pretty good for a bunch of hicks who thought the rest of the world was "uncivilized". Now, of course, we should be insisting on logical thinking from those who opposed Iraq in the beginning, and those who came to oppose it later. Not that we have much chance of getting it from them.

But I'm proud of what I did. It was worth the time on the phone, in email, on blogs, and in person, to argue. And it's only gettting better, year by year. And, unlike Sulzberger, I do not apologize for it: I know why we are there, what we are doing, and what we have to accomplish. Finally,, an inspirational quote from the Boomer Bible:

From Yanks 76:10-15

10 The only problem was, the Krauts had sunk a ship that had Yanks on it, 11which meant that the Yanks would "Remember the Lusitania" 12 forever 13 and would find a way to get even 14 no matter how much it cost 15 because that's the American Way"

UPDATE: In answer to the New York Sun, I'm still here, right where I've always been, despite calls to have me eradicated.

Further Update: Yes, people died. But going 7000 miles into the heart of an ancient caliphate, taking out a mass murderer in three weeks, and then doing the transition, from interim authority through three elections, and creating an Iraqi army and police force that is slowly but progressively getting primary responsibility for counterterrorism in the provinces: this is quite an accomplishment. Was it without error? No. Should anyone expect it to be? Evidently they can. They ought to know better.

FLASH UPDATE: For those of you who have wanted a slightly less bellicose version of "why we are at war", I'd suggest that Tony Blair will have it for you. From a Jacksonian standpoint, if they don't adapt with this invasion, they will adapt with the next.

Final Notes: As to how successful our intervention has been check this out.
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