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Musings in Starbucks 
15th-Jun-2006 10:21 am
Bored enough to read wallpaper, I look: and in Starbucks, there is wallpaper that reads.

"from a soft breeze to a hurricane gale ... Free the wind!"

While I know that "free X" is supposed to be countercultural and cool, all I can think of are the boomers opposing wind power because it might ruin the view from their expensive, energy hogging homes on the Sound. They don't want to cut back their consumption to reflect the energy that might be acquired through the wind farm: a direct tradeoff with costs doesn't appeal to them. They want their energy, and they want any cost to be borne by someone else.

Stop saying "free x" when you can't deal with the consequences of freedom. It's just a pose.
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