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The Trouble with Culture

A good short summary:

What is the trouble with culture?

APPIAH: The trouble that most worries me is that people make appeals to cultural difference to justify resisting just the sort of moral demands that I think everybody ought to recognize. Appeals to culture are often appeals that aim to squash individuals, to say to the Saudi woman who wants to participate in the management of her society as a citizen, ''No, it's not our tradition, it's not our culture.'' That's just something that stops her exercising what I take to be her individual right. We can have an argument about whether that's OK, but it's not an adequate defense to say, ''Well, it's our culture.''

Two posts out of one interview with this guy. I think that means he's worth reading, so look up Appiah's "Ethics of Identity" and "The Trouble with Culture" at your next bookstore visit. It's worth ordering, for you Amazons.

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