Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Dateline, Atlanta, GA: Children's Museum

"Let's go on the slide!"

This may not be the usual remark you hear when you go into a museum, but the Children's Museum in Atlanta is different that way.

After the slide, my daughter was briefly fascinated by the exhibit that showed tap dancing, and then one that superimposed your picture on the picture of someone acting out a story (in this case, Cinderella in ballet). I say briefly, because exhibits don't talk to children, they passively present themselves as experiences without interpretation. The meaning has to be generated by the adults who come with the children, and that may be its greatest weakness. For example, there is an "under the garden" (my title) exhibit with tunnels, worms, moles (plastic, folks), rocks and worms. How did the children react? They treated it as a time to sneak up on each other and scream.

Several of the exhibits became standard playground accessories: their shape was unrelated to the games children played on them. As entertainment for the playset group, it is a good way to while away an hour in Atlanta: if they are old enough for kindergarden, they are too old for the museum.

Children's Museum of Atlanta
275 Centennial Park Dr. NW (this street requires you to have a recent map to find it -- for those with GPS, set to Baker St & Williams, park at the Inforum, and ask from there)
Atlanta, GA 30313
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