Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

War On Terror: the Mathematician and the Showboat

Here's a guy worth paying attention to on homeland security. Unlike the guys who don't bother to look at whether measures are worthwhile, he looks at the probablility of the attack, the costs of the attack, and the cost of prevention.

Result? Unsurprisingly, that the Department of Homeland Security, which mainly deals in showboating, doesn't pay attention to homeland security as much as cute, flashy things to do.

Of course, though we have known of the weaknesses of emphasizing ID checks for years, that is the latest, greatest fix that our Congresspeople have decided on (for them, it's a twofer: they can also say that they are being hard on immigrants, as they enrich the printing and laminating industries. Think about it.)
Tags: terror

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