Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Stone Mountain, Georgia

The Transformation of a Landmark

That dateline used to be a marker for horrors -- nighttime cross burnings, lynchings, white-sheeted sermons on the maintenance of order for the real South, along with wholesale oppression of those who didn't go along with the program. Now it is a theme park allowing the visitor to patronize Southern Culture as a collection of quaint curios of bygone times, doubtless to the suppressed fury of any still living Klansmen.

There are parasol shops, candle shops, rides to the top of the mountain, and a couple of places to eat, one of which is redolent of Southern (read "fried") cooking. To understand this, understand "Southern" as "country" and you'll be most of the way there. For those with a background of Jeff Foxworthy, you will be darkly entertained by the exhibits, and pershps less fooled than is good for you. You might read this all as an attempt at historical redemption through cuteness.

Mother Goose is here, a talking fountain, magic shows and other carefully scheduled entertainments. The scenic train, funicular car, and riverboat have their own schedules. Bring a watch, bring a hat and LOTS of water (or be prepared to buy it at double the price). Best key hint: buy your tickets online before you come, and avoid lines outside the park. Still budget 20 minutes or so to wait for the train, and doubtless similar times for the funicular cars. Evening events tend to fill up hours before the event: either be able to amuse yourself gracefully, or consider other entertainments. If you have pre-k children BRING A STROLLER WITH YOU.
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