Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Statistics, Science, and Conclusions

As it turns out, the Surgeon General of the United States can't read scientific reports and understand them well enough to be able to talk about them briefly. His executive summary is here, and the report itself, is here (and very long). His opening remarks, where he tries to sound as if he knows what he is talking about, are here, and the press, showing the intense gullibility of people having their own deepest prejudices confirmed while unable to read for themselves anything at all, is here (Windows media player format), thus confirming the thoughts of those of us who note that the opinions of students at major universities about their fellow students rank the least intelligent as those attending the School of Education, and those only slightly smarter at the School of Journalism.

Those who do not understand basic statistics should be frequently ridiculed whenever they speak about them until they learn enough not to embarrass themselves.
Tags: statistics

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