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On the Pleasures of Air Travel 
8th-Jul-2006 04:49 pm
A key one: occasionally getting to talk to a fellow passenger and find out more. In this case, a couple who had spent time in Eastern Europe and who handed me a sheaf of articles, several of which I link for you here.

1. Why it's not easy being a liberal which has the interesting quote:
Speaking of Osama, I wish to go on record and state that I really don’t care if we never capture him. Let’s face it, if we did, we’d merely have to live through another farcical trial, such as Hussein’s. If it’s all the same to you, I don’t need to hear Ramsey Clark and a team of leftist lawyers pleading his case night after night on the news. In the end, after all, even if he were found guilty, he’d only wind up receiving a prison sentence.

2.Some of my best friends are journalists, which is worth reading in its entirety.

3. Clifford D. May asks a key question in his article:
Imagine if Kofi Annan were to say: "Those who consider themselves members of resistance or liberation movements must abide by international law. If they refuse to do that, they should not expect international law to protect them."

Consider what it would mean if Amnesty International would say: "Even those who have not signed the Geneva Convention must observe its rules, must respect the human rights of those they fight and, even more, of non-combatants. If you violate the norms of civilized behavior, do not expect us to defend your rights."

Try to hear Human Rights Watch announcing: "We will not establish the precedent that it is an outrage for al Qaeda members to be detained in Guantanamo but acceptable for captured American soldiers to be butchered."

They could make such statements. They choose not to. If they'd like to explain why, I'm sure many of us would be only too pleased to listen.

4. Dennis Prager comments that the Left hurts the battle for human rights, and you have to read it. It was very well done.

It passed the time on the plane quite agreeably. I wish them well on their further travels.
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