Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

I want Russia to matter again.

"I want to matter again."

Evidently, that is the slogan of Putin's Russia. They still haven't learned the lesson inherent in studying Socrates: morality is an objective phenomenon, not a matter for agreement and disagreement. The development of arms for aggressive purposes is not a matter of rights under particular treaties, but a matter for serious response by those who understand it.

By his reaction here,, he does not.

Let's capture the key point, shall we?

On North Korea, Putin said that, since Pyongyang was not "party to international agreements which limit activities in those spheres" - that is, building nuclear warheads and missiles to deliver them - there are no grounds for sanctions. "They are right whether we like it or not," Putin emphasized. All he wants is for North Korea to inform the world community of the time and place of future tests as part of a "normal" pattern of behavior.

First, most of you would have caught that Putin is wrong on the facts. Korea is a signatory to precisely those agreements: it's just not living up to them. Second, listen carefully to the word "normal." It's how France gets into trouble. Sadly, in the current crisis, France is responding to its "better" understanding of how the world works. Sure, it condemned Hamas and Hezbollah. It sounds like one of those old aunts who responds to all problems by saying "Boys, boys, let's play nice now" as the bully pounds his ineffectively resisting opponent into the ground. I wouldn't count on it for long term understanding: rationality without reason goes only so far (see prior post on Jerome Corsi).

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