Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams


She has no name, which is, perhaps, just as well.

A young man was ordering at the counter, and had finished placing his daughter's order, she holding his hand, when the woman, who had a question about something, walked up, grabbed his crotch (by the expression on his face, anyway), pushed him back and let go, still holding his daughter's hand, and leaned in to the clerk, asking her question. His free hand clenched and unclenched several times, and he looked down at his daughter, and said nothing, waiting for the woman to go away. When he stepped up to complete the order, you would have thought he was uninterrupted, other than his quick look behind him after he paid, which radiated contempt and anger for a split second, then was brought under control as he handed his daughter the number for the order.

He had dismissed her, as he would a badly trained dog, and restored his patience. His conversation with his daughter at their table appeared to be quiet and good natured.

Had he spoken or acted, it would have been the worse for him, not because he would have been wrong to do so, but because she was black and a woman, on two accounts not to be held to civilized behavior, apparently. A racist and cultural imperialist, I guess. What else could he be?
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