Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

"The Cycle of Violence" and Qana

Israel bombs Qana, as it is entitled to do. It warns civilans to leave, as it is not required to do. People don't leave, and are killed.

Those responsible for killing civilians threaten Israel with revenge for their own acts. I understand that some people are denying that they used that neighborhood for rocketry. Sadly, that lie, like so many others, is susceptible to disproof. Oddly enough, when the foreign press complained about the Qana incident, the fact that the neighborhood was used as a launching site was disputed, with the qualifier "not that day" as if the warzone was suceptible to hour-by-hour geographic redefinition. There are other questions about the legitimacy of the "IDF killing defenseless civilians and Qana" story.

The community of those who don't understand international affairs condemns Israel for doing what it did. Sadly, even European governments are capable of knowing better. No one holds the perpetrators of the outrage responsible, despite the evidence that they are flouting international agreements concerning the conduct of war, and are endangering ( or killing, which is interesting to many) civilians near them, and are deliberately aiming at civilians, not military targets, on the other side. Finally, of course, the Arab street is demonstrating its despicable side (dangerous cite: to despicable newspaper for despicable news), reminding us why their civilization needs to be rebuilt and why their opinions and claims are not worth listening to. Especially with threats.

What is the object of this violence? The destruction of the moral and civil categories of discourse. So who are the parties at fault here, in reality? Hezbollah, Iran, Hamas, and the United Nations (and, of course, the ineducable Noam Chomsky, whose imbecility belongs in a class of its own).

UPDATE: The Qana situation has finally received a complete update and description. Result? My reaction to Lebanon's claimed casualties has gone from "Oh, no!" to "Says you!" And if the MSM continues this sort of thing, they shouldn't be surprised when I have the same response to their reporting in other areas. Just a brief quote from that last link Iedited for form) demonstrates the problem:

Certain conclusions are now inescapable.

First, hatred of Israel and the irrationality associated with that hatred have now reached unprecedented proportions within Britain and the west.

Second, with a few honourable exceptions the mainstream media are no longer to be believed in anything they transmit, either in words or pictures, about the Middle East. It is only the blogosphere which is now performing the most elementary disciplines of journalism: to aspire to objectivity, to separate facts from prejudices, to apply basic checks to claims being made by partisans to a conflict, and to be particularly wary of those with a proven track record of lying.

Third, the mainstream media must now be regarded as active accessories to the war being waged against the free world and therefore as a fifth column in that world – an enemy within.

Fourth, the impact of the lies and distortions transmitted by the mainstream media in inflaming the already pathological hatred of the west within the Arab and Muslim world is incalculable.

Fifth, the mainstream media’s vilification, demonisation and delegitimisation of Israel, based on outright fabrications and malevolent distortions, is imperilling the very existence of the country that is the front line of defence of the free world.

Sixth, that vilification is also imperilling the safety and well-being of Jewish communities around the world, subject now to the double victimisation of attack by Islamists and attack by non-Muslims for belonging to a Jewish people that refuses to submit passively to a second attempt at genocidal slaughter and instead fights to defend itself.
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