Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Why Do We Need Citizens?

To do the jobs we are creating.

The low layoffs suggest the job market may still be "pretty tight," says economist Robert Brusca of FAO-Economics in New York. "In fact, we have a shortage of low-paid workers but a surplus of high-paid jobs at places like GM, Ford, and Delphi." In other words, as established by this paper, among others, immigration hurts wages of only a very small group at the bottom of the ladder. That group is so small that they vanish in most statistics of immigration, but effort can tease them out.

We are creating a lot of jobs, including "good jobs". We need people to fill them. We don't have enough already citizens. We need more.

What we have is NOT an immigration crisis: we have an immigration necessity. We do have a citizenship crisis: we need to get them made citizens faster.

The good news: the United States created this crisis by making it too hard for people to become citizens quickly. And all we need is a law that allows people to become citizens quickly so we can get them working, paying taxes, and living here legally. That's good news. It means that it's our problem, and we can solve it with the stroke of a pen.

Defending a stupid law by saying that people should obey even stupid laws is not worth answering. Check out other stories on this. Finally, note that proper perspective on immigration means that you don't take the time to defend stupid laws.
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