Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

MSM Fabrication

The last time I had to write about plain fabrication in the media, it was done by CBS. Now Reuters has decided to enter the lists -- and this time, it's forged pictures that are at issue.

Hat tip to Little Green Footballs for the catch and brilliant demonstration of its falsity to reality, and to the Sports Photographers' Blog for the technical analysis Finally, here are some actual border photos, so you learn more. For those who need an explanation of the problem with the photo, and hints on what to look for, check this out.

Previously, CBS has been on the "don't watch, you don't know what they're telling you" list. They are joined by Reuters. The National Journal suggests there might be more faked pictures out there. We have seen documentaries about staged operations before.

UPDATE: The infamous IMAO is on the case! And, oddly enough some Reuters employees seem unhappy with being exposed.

Further Update: Apparently, the MSM is falling for a lot of this stuff. Watch coverage out of Palestine and Lebanon with a critical eye.
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