Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Le Petit Cafe

The evening's expedition was to Le Petit Cafe. It is a small, charming restaurant with limited parking on the edge of a commerical building.

The menu is on a blackboard, and is extensive. Oddly enough, despite the use of a blackboard, there are specials not on the board. For those who like French cooking, this is a place to stop: you will want to order most of what you see (or smell). We ordered sand dabs and tenderloin tips with mushrooms for dinner, and each of us were very pleased with our entree. I ended dinner with a pate salad, which was very good, and she ordered an opera cake, which was OK but not outstanding.

Formal rating, on a scale of 5, 5 being best: Food 5, Service 4, Ambience 4, Price 1. Bill for the evening,
with no wine: $80.20, a little too rich for me.

Le Petit Cafe, 2842 Colorado, Santa Monica, (310)829-6792

Tags: restaurant review

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