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Thoughts Online Magazine
Collected Articles on Culture & Politics
Those Dangerous People 
26th-Aug-2006 01:36 pm
Whom do I mean? Those who believe in Global Justice and Reconcilation.


Well, I think it was put best here:

"Rev. Canon John L. Peterson, director of its Center for Global Justice and Reconciliation..."
-- from this article posted by Rebecca earlier

The very words "Global Justice" and "Reconciliation" reek of self-righteousness, and reek too of what we have come to realize such words, and the men who employ them approvingly, will always reek of: an attitude of sweet reason that goes beyond reason, a belief that "everyone has a point" and that if only we "listen to one another," "if only we engage in dialogue," "if only this" and "if only that" then all manner of things shall be well. In the mental universe of such people, it is inconceivable that hatred could be embraced, hatred could be taught, hatred could be sacred, and that there can be no compromise with those who uncompromisingly divide the world between Them and Us. There was no negotiation, no treaty, no forum to which Hitler or more likely Goebbels could have been invited, which would have meant a thing, except to offer yet one more way for the terminally naive to believe that somehow it was all based on a misunderstanding, or still worse, of the wicked (do such words still come up, not in the Biblical quotes, but in the their own words, the words of these Canons to the left and so seldom to the right of us?) variety, who refuse to make distinctions based on such silly ideas as Good and Evil.

In other words, they are cultural imperialists, apologists for failure, who will take no one seriously who disagrees with them.
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