Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

The Surprising Outcome

In what must be a wonderful outcome the Clay Math Institute reports a proof of the Poincare conjecture. For those not ready to wade in the deeper waters of mathematized language, check out this article discussing the proof and its discoverer. Another, sometimes better, article is here. One note on the article: it also discusses the claim by Yau of China to have solved the problem last year. Some people might note that Perelman's papers were three years before that ....

The proof will take a while for scientists to digest (it's taken three years for dedicated math geeks to understand the proof.

The oddest part of the discovery?

Funny you should ask. The discoverer has turned down the Fields Medal (the highest award in mathematics), and apparently would prefer to live in mathematical, rather than real, space.

UPDATE: Apparently, Dr. Yau has hired a lawyer to sue the New Yorker for defaming him. The claim above, which is reflected in the new Yorker Article cited, is disputed: Dr. Yau insists that the Perelman proof is not complete. As someone who has neither the time nor the inclination to review proofs for completeness, I will suggest that those interested review the relevant papers, cited above (citation to Yau paper added in place) as well as materials which are cited in the lawyer's letter. I will make no further correction unless the New Yorker publishes a retraction which would warrant a correction in this magazine.
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